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      The Mother-in-Law's Tongue (also known as the snake plant) is a herbaceous, evergreen, mildly toxic flowering plant that is native to Africa and Asia. People mostly use it as an ornamental plant. It thrives well in small pots. This is because in a small space, its rhizomes are crowded and this enables it to grow faster. It's well known for its capacity to purify the air by converting harmful substances into harmless ones.

      If growing this Sansevieria indoors, you’ll need a strong pot – a clay pot, for example. this ensures that the roots don’t break it as they grow. It should be wide but not tall, due to the plant’s shallow rooting system and should be perforated for proper drainage. The soil should also be well drained to avoid waterlogging since too much water can rot the plant.

      Snake plants require maximum indirect sunlight. You should also keep the plant away from drafts, high winds, and extreme temperatures. They do well with minimal watering, and whilst the soil can be kept dry or slightly moist, don't let it stay wet.

      This variety of Mother-in-law's Tongue is a dark green in colour with a border of yellow surrounding the edges of the leaves. Unlike the Laurentii variety, the center of the leaves of the Black Gold are a uniform deep green, giving it a more elegant look.

      Each plant stands at between 50-100cm in height and comes with two growth points.

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      • Size indication - the plants pictured are fully grown and mature and are not the size your plant will be. To give an idea of size, this plant comes in an 14cm nursery pot (if shipped, we may remove the plant from the pot and ship without soil)

      • This product is shipped without nursery pot or soil. The plant can be inserted immediately in soil once it arrives to begin growing. Depending on the maturing of the plant, it may or may not yet have roots.

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