Everything holds a vibrational energy, including humans, plants and crystals! Many people believe naturally occurring crystals, gemstones and minerals carry metaphysical properties that can positively influence your plants, just as they influence our bodies. Various crystals have beneficial properties that can raise your plants vibrational frequency promoting new growth, vitality and strength as well as offering protection against stress and pests, as well as enhancing your plant’s beauty with gorgeous texture and colour.

    “Caring for plants is not only a soothing hobby, but adding some greenery to your home is a great way to boost energy levels - and some clever consumers are now going further by adding amplifying the healing powers of their plants with crystals in them too." says Nathan Raab, MD.

    This trend was launched when Tanya Lichtenstein first described 'crystal botany', in her book Cosmic Botany: A Guide to Crystal and Plant Soul Mates for Peace, Happiness, and Abundance, which offers an introduction into pairing plants and crystals to boost energy. Since then, the number of people discovering the healing power crystals can offer has continued to boom.

    "What I have seen these last few years especially is this deeper need to connect," says crystal healer Emma Lucy Knowles. "I really feel the rise of social media has helped more people rediscover a sense of community as well as a sense of confidence in who they are. But on the other, we have become reliant on that fix, that energy hit from a small computer in our hand that never really fulfils us fully with that nourishing connection that the heart, soul and mind need. So, we seek deeper and scroll further searching in the wrong spaces."

    Cue mother nature "and her abundance of goodies" – from plant power to crystal vibrations – presenting deeper-rooted connections. "Crystals allow us, quite effortlessly, to move fresh energy into the being, offering internal connectivity that enhances your external connectivity," Knowles says. "More and more people are tuning into how that energy can be beneficial."

    What are crystals and how does their healing power work?

    Crystals are stones with physical properties such as a specific formation or arrangement of atoms affecting the refraction of light, electrical charge and more. Crystal Healing emphasizes these qualities and how they can affect the human body's vibration, electrical charge, and functionality. "These vibrations and frequencies can also be understood as the qi, or life force energy, that makes up every living being," explains Jenelle Kim, Physician of Chinese Medicine and founder and formulator of at JBKWellness Labs.

    Crystal healing is believed to affect a person in two possible ways: through vibration and through mindset, Forbes explains. Vibrational Medicine In the 1970's, IBM researcher Marcel Vogel coined the term "Vibratory Medicine" to refer to crystal healing, altering the vibration of molecules in the body to match the vibrational energy of each crystal being held. “Crystals have a wavelength similar to that of the human body, which means they vibrate at the same pitch as humans and can enhance the body's natural healing. [Process],” says Dr.

    Alexandra Trevisan, a holistic chiropractor from Kim.Los Angeles, further explains, “As humans, we have the ability to operate within this energy scale, whether ascending or descending. Think love and excitement at the bottom, and fear and hate at the very bottom." The low end of the scale. Healing crystals often contain one or more of the frequencies at the high end of the energy scale (love, clarity, and/or hope) or bump energy at the low end end of the energy scale (anger, jealousy and/or despair) Mindset

    Crystal healing can also harness the power of the spirit in ways that are perhaps even more powerful than enhancing vibrational energy. Throughout history, poets and religious leaders have viewed crystals as symbols of purity, pleasure, faith, and perfection. They used the crystals as a source of inspiration, devotion and creativity. Stanford researchers agree that mindset plays an important role in health and healing. Processing, stress reduction and regulation of the nervous system.


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    Crystal Botany Range

    When choosing crystals for plants there are a few things to take into consideration. Some crystals deteriorate when exposed to water regularly (such as selenite or malachite). While other crystals can fade when exposed to prolonged periods of sunlight (such as varieties of coloured quartz). Burying your stones will keep the sun from fading their colour.

    Crystals come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but any healing crystal will be beneficial to plant life. Some gardeners suggest looking for colours and shapes that remind you of the elements.

    Depending on the state of your plant’s health, larger crystals prove to be more helpful as they emit more energy. Otherwise, scale the crystal to the size of your plant. Geodes, pyramids, cubes and spheres are great for drawing, balancing and emitting energies.