The Top Five Watering Tips for Happy and Healthy Indoor Plants

    The Top Five Watering Tips for Happy and Healthy Indoor Plants

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    “Less is more” is the general rule of thumb when it comes to watering, as it’s far easier to revive a thirsty plant than a drowned one. While every species requires a different watering schedule there are some techniques you can follow to make sure your plants thrive and give you the green light (and leaves) you're doing a good job.


    Remember to evenly water the soil, making sure every root is hydrated and nourished

    The reason most watering cans have a spout (often with small holes to filter) is so the water doesn’t burst out all at once, giving the soil time to absorb the first batch before being bombarded with the next! Just think about how you swallow liquids….and it will make sense

    More light? More water!

    A simple rule to bear in mind is that your beloved plants will dry out much quicker if they’re in direct sunlight or by a window than those in the shade, so make sure you’re giving them the attention they need! A good #planthack is to check on them weekly and put your finger in the soil (2 inches deep) and see if the soil is dried out. If it’s dry, it’s time to give them some hydration!.

    Routine is critical when it comes to keeping your indoor jungle healthy and happy

    Make a note of when you first watered your plant and create reminders of when to check-in next based on their hydration needs.

    Keep an eye open for signs your plants need some help.

    Saggy, dry leaves? Leaning over to one side? Soil bone-dry to the touch? The great thing about plants is that they will tell you when they need to drink up!

    Avoid watering the leaves of your plants to prevent mould, disease and sunlight burns.

    While they do like to be wiped down every now and again to remove dust and clear the path for light absorption, they are not fans of being watered from the top-down.

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