The Top 3 Plants to Propagate

    Our top 3 plants that you can propagate at home! Philodendron Scandens The best method of propagation for the Philodendron Scandens is to use the stem cutting technique. It’s important to find a stem with 2 or 3 leaves as this indicates it’s healthy. Cut 2 inches below the node on your Philodendron Scandens and then place the stem cutting into a small amount of room temperature water, ensuring the node is submerged. Here it will grow and develop its roots for the next few weeks and it can be placed into soil when the roots are developed enough which usually takes around 1-2 months. Golden Pothos The Golden Pothos plant also prefers the cutting method when it’s being propagated. Cut 4-6 inches of healthy stem from the pothos and make sure you cut about 2 inches above the node. Then, place it into a propagation station or small jar of water and let the roots grow for about a month and place it somewhere that will get indirect sunlight. Leaving the cutting in water for longer can make it more difficult for the roots to adapt to the soil, so ensure that you check the roots regularly. Chinese Money Plant The best technique to propagating a Chinese Money Plant is to use the division method. The Chinese Money Plant grows little baby stems from the base and this is where the division and cutting takes place. It’s important to find a baby stem which is mature enough to start growing on its own; it will usually have around half a dozen leaves on the baby stem. Cut an inch below the bottom leaf that you can see on the baby stem and place into room temperature water and allow these roots to grow for 3-4 weeks. Then, the stem with its new grown roots can be put into soil to grow!
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