The Best Places to Buy Monstera Thai Constellations in Sydney

    The Best Places to Buy Monstera Thai Constellations in Sydney

    The Best Places to Buy Monstera Thai Constellations in Sydney


    The world of houseplants is vast and varied, but few plants capture the imagination and the heart quite like the Monstera Thai Constellation. This enchanting variety of the Monstera Deliciosa has taken the indoor plant world by storm with its elegant marble variegated leaves seemingly patterned with stars in a galaxy. If you're based in Sydney and have been captivated by the charm of this unique plant, this guide is for you. We've rounded up some of the best places in the city to buy your own Monstera Thai Constellation.

    Why You Should Buy a Monstera Thai Constellation

    Monstera Thai Constellation is not just another houseplant; it's a statement piece. Its unique and sophisticated marble variegated leaves are patterned with a creamy color of their signature splatters and fenestration (holes) that can be up to three inches in size. These distinctive features make the Monstera Thai Constellation a showstopper in any room. In addition, its variegation is stable, which means it will retain its gorgeous pattern with great consistency and will not revert to fully green leaves. The plant is also easy to grow and thrives in a well-lit position, protected from direct sunlight. It prefers slightly moist but well-drained soil.

    Where to Buy Monstera Thai Constellation in Sydney

    The Jungle Collective | Facebook

    The Jungle Collective

    The Jungle Collective is an excellent place to start your hunt for the Monstera Thai Constellation. They offer this rare and ultimate dream houseplant for a price of $269.00. The Jungle Collective takes pride in the stable variegation of their Monstera Thai Constellation, which will keep its gorgeous variegation with great consistency.




    Uprooted is another fantastic online store where you can purchase the Monstera Thai Constellation. Their plants are known for their dark green foliage splashed with cream and white. Uprooted provides detailed photos of their plants, including any leaf damage and imperfections, so customers know exactly what they're purchasing. They offer shipping with Australia Post Express and use custom packaging to ensure the plants arrive safe and in good condition. The shipping rates are capped at $18 for orders up to 5kg in weight, with heavier orders calculated based on the total shipping weight and location.


    Happy House Plants

    Happy House Plants is another great option for purchasing the Monstera Thai Constellation. Their plants are sold in 130mm pots for $160.00 AUD. They also offer free local delivery for orders over $50 and express post for a $15 flat rate. They provide care instructions with each purchase, ensuring new plant owners know exactly how to keep their Monstera thriving.


    The Monstera Thai Constellation is a true gem among houseplants, and having one in your home can truly elevate your space. If you're in Sydney and looking to add one of these stunning plants to your collection, The Jungle Collective, Uprooted, and Happy House Plants are all excellent options. Each of these sellers offers quality plants and services to ensure you're not only getting a beautiful plant but also the information and support you need to keep it thriving.

    Please note that availability and prices may vary, so be sure to check each seller's website for the most current information. Happy plant hunting!


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