Pruning Guide

    Knowing when to prune

    A large pruning session can be carried out twice a year for effective new plant growth and to help reshape or restructure your plant to make it grow the way you want it to.How much to cut off Pruning is most effective at the start of the plant’s growing season, and this will likely be at the very end of the Winter or the start of Spring. Plants with dead, browning leaves can be pruned when needed to remove them as this will allow fresh, new growth to appear.The general rule of thumb is that you shouldn’t remove more than a quarter of the plant per pruning session otherwise this could affect the growth negatively rather than helping the plant grow more. It’s best to cut just before a node on the stem to allow new growth from these areas.

    1 Time of year

    Firstly, ensure that the time of year that you want to prune is appropriate for the plant in and its growth. The very beginning of Spring or the very end of Winter is the best time as this is when the growing season begins. This will give the plant the best chance at regrowth.

    2 Plan the cuts

    Then, plan out which areas of the plant you want to prune to change its shape and restructure it. Also take into consideration some dead, browning stems and leaves that need to be gotten rid of.

    3 Make the cut!
    When you have decided which areas you will be cutting away, use some clean and sharp pruning shears (or even some scissors for thinner stems) to cut off some leaves and stems. It’s best to cut a little bit before the node of the stem so that regrowth will come through.

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