Alocasia Black Velvet Plant Care Tips

    The Perfect Place for the Alocasia Black Velvet The Alocasia Black Velvet derives from Asian rainforests and prefers indirect sunlight, typically away from windows as direct light can scorch and damage their leaves. Scorched leaves will show as browning on the leafy tips. Lower light levels can also be tolerated by this beautiful plant. Keeping them Hydrated The Alocasia Black Velvet will need watering when the top two inches of soil have dried out - this will usually leave a week between waterings, however less water will be needed in the winter months. Overwatering can be seen when the leaves have yellow patches or spots. This will also cause damage to the roots so it’s important to recognise when the Alocasia needs hydration! The Perfect Environment Due to the origin of these exotic house plants, they thrive in warmer conditions and will not tolerate lower temperatures as this will affect their growth. Bathrooms and kitchens are the perfect place for Alocasia Black Velvet plants. Keep them at temperatures around 15- 30°C to keep them growing happy, healthy and strong! Styling them in Your Home Consider placing the Alocasia Black Velvet on your coffee table or on a shelf in your bathroom, but they are not pet or child-friendly so keep them out of reach if necessary. These plants will make the perfect addition to your home either surrounding other plants or on their own. Their unique velvety leaves will stand out in any setting you place them.
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