How to care for Monstera adansonii - Swiss Cheese Plant

    How to care for Monstera adansonii - Swiss Cheese Plant

    Monstera adansonii is a plant with natural holes in the leaves, (fenestrations) however this is only on the older leaves, the small new leaves do not usually have holes.

    Monstera adansonii
    Monstera adansonii

    It is these holes that give it one of its common name of ‘Swiss Cheese Plant’. However other Monstera also have this common  name so it is best to stick to the botanical name of Monstera adansonii.

    It is also sometimes called the 5 holes plant, however the number of holes differs so again, use the botanical name.

    Consider growing this one in a container with a moss pole for support.

    How do you care for Monstera Adansonii ?


    If you consider that this is naturally a rainforest plant that grows in filtered light.

    This does not mean very low light, just good filtered light.

    A lack of light will cause weak straggly growth, strong full sun will cause leaf burn.

    Growing Medium

    Use a  free draining potting mix, you cause a normal potting mix with 1/3 large perlite mixed through. This will provide a fee draining mix with some moisture retention.

    You can also mix your own growing medium using 1 part coir, 1 part vermiculite and 1 part potting.


    The simple answer is never dry and never wet.

    You also need to make sure that the plant never stands in a dish of water, so always empty the saucer if the pot is in one.

    As a guide, only water when the top 2 – 3 inches ( 5 – 7 kms) has dried.

    You can also water by weight, get the feel of the weight of the pot when dry, and then again when wet. As the pot gets on the light side, it’s time to water.


    As you growing this as an indoor plant, you will not want strong smelling fertilisers.

    Try a slow release general purpose type suited to indoor plants.

    You can also use a liquid fertiliser at a reduced rate when watering.

    Every month or two water well with clean tap water that has been allowed to stand overnight. This will help to flush out accumulated salts from the fertiliser.

    Is Monstera Adansonii fast growing?

    This is a fast growing species once established with smaller leaves that Monstera delicosa.

    Why is my Monstera Adansonii turning yellow?

    Yellow Leaves are usually caused by under watering.

    Can you prune Monstera Adansonii?

    Yes you can, finite gets to tall you can cut it back to a growth node. In extreme case you can prune it back hard and it will usually reshoot from the base.

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